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IMG_20141107_084817Foran with posterMartin Foran’s story is beginning to receive mass publicity.  He is now in the second week of his hunger strike outside the Ministry of Justice which he blames for so much of the miscarriage of justice which led to his imprisonment for 20 years and a total of 40 years of hardship he and his family have suffered .

Martin Foran was imprisoned on 2 fraudulent convictions for a total of 20 years after being framed by the now discredited West Midland Serious Crime Squad. Since his release from prison in 1996, it has taken him 18 years of continual fighting to get all his convictions quashed and be declared innocent.  His final acquittal on all counts was just 3 weeks ago..

His biography entitled “Martin Foran – The Forgotten Man” written and compiled by J. R. Stephenson tells the whole story of his imprisonment and the treatment he received…

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