An incredible insight into the dark realms of the Judicial System…….and corruption ,by the Courts and once again, by the former, West Midlands Serious Crime Squad……..followed by the usual Prison corruption of beatings and use of drugs, to subjugate prisoners ; fighting the Injustices by the System…….a book to be read , most certainly…lifting the lid from the System at its highest levels….

ShieldCrest Publishing

IMG_0253On the 10th March we announced a book that we were unable to give too much information about at the time, we are now in a position to be able to announce the forthcoming book from Martin Foran – “The Forgotten Man”.

This is Martin’s autobiography involving the miscarriage of justice he has suffered at the hands of the justice system. He reveals corruption, conspiracies and bribery at the highest levels and has featured in all the national newspapers.

Martin has won one battle to get one of two convictions overturned and is in the process of fighting the second case having spent nearly 20 years behind bars for these crimes he didn’t commit.

We believe this book will capture the interest of a wide audience and this is certainly one which we believe is going to be a possible block-buster.

Due to be released June 2014, watch this space for further information.

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