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Re-launching “A Soldier Of The Empire Volume 1: 1867-1919” a previously untold and partly autobiographical history of SSM (1st Class) Ben Badcock MC. ASC. and the inauguration and award of “The First MC” by Lawrence Brodley.

Ben’s story, much of it in his own words, provides insights into 19th/20thC. army lifeLawrence Brodley Front Cover such as no other soldier had.

Sixth child of ten, Ben was born to the bugle on Mt. Troodos, Cyprus, in 1880.

His father later lamented he “…never saw a shot fired in anger.” But Ben’s medals tell their own tale: Ladysmith in the Boer War; two World Wars; and finally “The Cold War.”

In each he (or his sons/grandsons) would be decorated: his MC; “mentions;” “Croix de Guerre” and ” Legion d’Honneur,” being his reward for “patient endurance” in WW1.

The book has attracted the following high profile reviews:

“I would like to say how moving I found your book…

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